Pelf Lucre
                              A Modern Day Pirate

What is Pelf Lucre?
Pelf is Pirate Booty, loot, ill-gotten gains
Lucre means monetary reward, gain; money

Find the secret Pirate Treasure!
Wealth and riches await you!

About Pelf Lucre

A number of years ago, I started and operated a number of successful business operations. I had many employees, happy customers, good products and a great staff. I played by the rules. But after a while I began to realize that the rules were set up to benefit those who made them up. And I had to play by these rules. And these rules could change arbitrarily.

There were income taxes, payroll taxes, property taxes, sales taxes, employee taxes, license fees, permit fees, regulation fees, impact fees, insurance fees, and so many other costs that I found myself paying more in overhead than in production costs.

So one day I decided this was all I could take, and I sold it all off, remaining around for a while to help.

And I decided it was time to hoist the flag and declare myself a Pirate. A Pirate is a free man, who does not need to ask permission from anyone for anything. He seizes wealth by finding opportunity.

A Pirate styled after Captain Henry Morgan, who many think was a true Pirate, but in truth was a Privateer, legally charted with Letters of Marque for his exploits, who later was Knighted for his deeds.

So Pelf Lucre finds and seizes opportunities to gain wealth, money, profit, income, riches, and treasure. You can too, just check out many opportunites on this site. increase page rankPR10

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