Pelf Lucre
                              A Modern Day Pirate

What is Pelf Lucre?
Pelf is Pirate Booty, loot, ill-gotten gains
Lucre means monetary reward, gain; money

PelfLucre Pirate Path to Prosperity!

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The PelfLucre voyage sails across the Internet and finds Pirate Bounty just waiting to be grabbed, when we find it we take it! No exceptions and we take no prisoners.

In the times of Henry Morgan, who many think was a vicious Pirate, but was really a chartered Privateer, he sailed the oceans of the New World and captured treasure, gold and silver, and riches. When he spotted a treasure ship he simply seized it, keeping the cargo of wealth for himself and his crew, all with the full blessing of the authorities.

Now we have another New World, the Internet, and we too can become modern day Pirate Privateers and gain vast sums of wealth, money, gold, silver, and riches.

And we can do it legally with no risk just as Henry Morgan did. The PelfLucre Path to Prosperity will show you how to seize your share of the vast wealth of the Internet, the Pirate Booty that awaits. Free to join and profit. Never any fees.

Not everyone will be accepted into the PelfLucre Crew. In fact, many of you will not be given a berth. Fill out the form below and see if you can join the Pirate Crew.

For those that can join, Pelf Lucre will GUARANTEE you will profit and gain wealth, money and income.

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Here are some examples of how Pirates can capture wealth, riches, profit, money, booty, and treasure.

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